Thursday, March 29, 2012


Memandangkan syg aq dh suro aq update,apa lagi...update jer lah :P :P :P i dh stop keje...coz nak further study...actually i reli reli reli wanna share something lah.....i btol2 regret being frens with the wrong person...shud hv listened to my parents since awal lagi.....skarang pointer tak cukup,susah nak decide nak gi mane n all plans dh kena tukar :'( n bknnya bdk2 india tu dtg tolong aq!!!!menyesal menyesal dan menyesal!!!!!!a small reminder to myself jgn melekat sgt dgn indian girls....they really backstab like nobody's business!!!!!!so now i tau how important education is!!!!!I will prove myself now onwards.....i gonna do A-levels in Sunway college!!!! :) <3 hope i've learnt from my mistakes :'( :'( :'(

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