Sunday, February 28, 2010

excited,scared n some stupid mixed feeling

hola to all....kinda scared n excited.....dunno wen results comin u noe heart has 4 chambers...da first chamber tells me tat i will b gettin 9A+,da second chamber says i won't b gettin 9A+,da third chamber is excited but scared tat if my dreams of gettin 9A+ will not come true while ma fourth chamber is scared but excited tat my dreams of not gettin 9A+ will not come true......if u understan ten its good n if u don,don bother tryin to understan coz u won understan.......hahahahahahahaha....i am really missin ekin,faris,prakash,vg,tyha,mashie,emel,
mimi,ninie,ryen,paan,din(i don really miss him),sam,naveen,hafiz,baby soo,satz,ain n eifa......